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I am a London-based freelance writer and editor. After many years working primarily as a journalist, I have now returned to my first love: fiction writing.

DNA Never Lies, the first in a series of mystery novels featuring genealogist Karen Copperfield, was published in summer 2022. Karen helps people make sense of family secrets revealed by DNA tests such those sold by Ancestry and 23and me. The next in the series, Lie by Lie, will be out soon.

If you’d like me to write or edit something for your organisation, that’s great. Thank you, and please get in touch! Much of my work in recent years has been for Guardian News and Media, where I was employed for 10 years. For examples of my journalism, see the tab above. Please note that I am not a reporter and almost never pitch ideas, however exciting.

Aside from paid work and fiction writing, my main area of research and interest is bisexuality. I wrote Women and Bisexuality in the 1990s – the first serious non-fiction book on the subject to be published in the UK. I wrote a blog on bisexuality between 2006 and 2015 and more recently have been writing and thinking about bisexuality and ageing; see the books page for several recent publications on this.

I also have a masters’ degree in Life History Research, looking at the lives of two now-forgotten women writers. One of my main recreational interests is 1920s-30s bohemian London.

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