Much of what I write or edit is “sponsored content” for the Guardian. This is usually only online for the period of sponsorship. Some projects I have worked on have been saved as pdfs, via these links:

My 2019 features about GSK’s work with genetics and drug development.

Global Challenges Foundation 2018-19: These features are about the work of the Swedish non-profit organisation and the competitions it runs.

Manchester NHS Foundation Trust 2018 on careers in psychiatry.

Stop TB 2018: I wrote these features about the global fight to tackle tuberculosis.

Skoll World Forum 2018: I wrote many of the features for this significant conference.

I wrote about GSK’s work on drug development and COPD 2018.

Gilead/World Aids Day supplement  I was the overall editor for this 2016 project, as well as the writer of 50% of the copy.

GSK World Aids Day 2017

Other pieces I have written for the Guardian (including sponsored features from 2018) are still online here:

I have also written learning papers and edited other reports for Malaria Consortium.