Although I have moved away from journalism in recent years, I am still happy to turn my hand to a whole range of features that mesh with my expertise and interests! Much of what I write or edit is “sponsored content” for the Guardian. This is usually only online for the period of sponsorship. Some projects I have worked on have been saved as pdfs, via these links:


A feature on the work of Herts university academics to tackle climate change and promote sustainability.

A range of features on apprenticeships, such as these two here and  here.

Three features on adoption, for National Adoption Week.

Modern healthcare challenges, about hazardous chemotherapy drugs, and the dangers of sepsis, sponsored by the BD Group.

Various features on the advantages of genealogy, sponsored by Ancestry. This includes discussions about their family trees with Chris Packham and Sophie Morgan.

Three features on accessible technology, sponsored by Microsoft and John Lewis.

GSK’s work with genetics and drug development.

Global Challenges Foundation 2018-19: These features are about the work of the Swedish non-profit organisation and the competitions it runs.


Manchester NHS Foundation Trust on careers in psychiatry.

Stop TB 2018: I wrote these features about the global fight to tackle tuberculosis.

Skoll World Forum: I wrote many of the features for this significant conference.

I wrote about GSK’s work on drug development and COPD.

2017 and before

GSK World Aids Day 2017

Gilead/World Aids Day supplement  I was the overall editor for this 2016 project, as well as the writer of 50% of the copy.

Other pieces I have written for the Guardian are still online here:

I have also written learning papers and edited other reports for Malaria Consortium.